If I were you, twitter…

If I were you, twitter…

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twitter-update-1 twitter-update-2 twitter-update-4 twitter-update-3
The ”Twitter-Robot” The ”Twitter-Clock” The ”Pre-Tweets” ”Tweeties”

There’s no social media platform, which has ever reached the final stage. But what is missing to complete the mission? Let’s create some ideas to improve twitter, one of the coolest online networking services. I don’t criticize its structure, I just think of more opportunities to make it even better. Ideas like ”Twitter-Robot/tRobot”, ”Twitter Alarm” or ”Tweeties” will be explained.

The Design of Twitter – Let’s rebuild it.

Honestly, i’m not the best drawer, but I hope you recognize its structure.

In contrast to the actual design, I’d remove the tab, which is called ”Me” and add its design to the actual home page. Instead of using this tab, I’d add a tab called ”Lists”, so you’re now able to see your created lists much faster (1).

Secondly, the profile header is now part of the home page. You don’t have to click on ”Me” anymore, so the actual profile header replaces this small preview of your profile on the left (2). Furthermore, your favorite tweets can now be found by clicking on this small yellow button with a star on it (3). It’s possible that this one opens up a small drop down menu, where you can find your favorite tweets, or the ”tweets”-box changes its content and you see now only your favorite tweets. It depends on twitter’s code structure.
In the ”What’s happening?”-box below, you’re able to tweet things just like before. You can add a location or a photo (4). The tweet will automatically show up in the ”Tweets”-box below.
The tweets-Box is in turn one of the most important things on twitter. It contains all the tweets, which have been composed by the people you follow. But it’s more dynamic than before. You’d be able to sort your tweets, like ‘only the retweets by users’, ‘only the retweets by you’, ‘only my tweets’ or ‘only tweets by my followers’. This helps to handle with all the information you’ll get increasingly (5).

In fact, we don’t change that much, but a more dynamic tweets-box would be perfect to see the tweets you want to observe. Maybe a drop-box, where you can exclude types of tweets (like retweets or favorites) to individualize your own stream.


Let’s add some more tools – Twitter gets armed by us

twitter-update-1 twitter-update-2 twitter-update-4 twitter-update-3
The ”Twitter-Robot” The ”Twitter-Clock” The ”Pre-Tweets” ”Tweeties”


The ”Twitter-Robot” tweets Tweets, you have prepared before, but you’re not able to tweet it by yourself. For instance, you travel to country by plane and you want to share something with your followers, the ”tRobot” tweets it for you. You set up the time and the the content.

The ”Twitter-Clock” is a small feature, which could be placed next to the location and photo option. If you would tweet something, there was a function to determine the time it should be published! The ”tRobot” would be able to save at least 3 tweets (content, point of time), but the twitter-clock has to be set up by you. Nice feature!

The ”Pre-Tweets” are similar to the msn personal messages. There are some basic sentences, which fit into every situation, but to maintain the idea of twitter (real and topical information), it’s only possible to save URLs and part of sentences (I’m fed up with this, because…, I’m happy about…).

”Tweeties” is nothing but one tweet, which can connect more users easily, i.e. you can send one ”Thank You!”-tweet more easily to more than one user using the @-function. If you would compose a tweet, it was possible to send a ”tweet” or ”tweeties”. If you choose ”tweeties”, you’ll have to choose some receiver, but all of them will receive the same tweet, but with an own @-connection.


It’s important that you share your opinion referring to the ideas, so we can find problems, contradictions and more. The more we criticize ideas, the more we’ll find a better solution and the more ideas will come up.

More Ideas, more links referring to changes on twitter

Let’s read more about ideas. Here are some awesome links about more fictional twitter features.

MarvinJoers’s Twitter
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What about yours?

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